Identifying the Turning Point of the Urban–Rural Relationship: Evidence from Macro Data

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Affiliation of Author(s):中国社会科学院农村发展研究所

Teaching and Research Group:土地经济与人力资源研究室

Journal:China & World Economy

Key Words:agricultural diversification, urban–rural consumption ratio, urban–rural income ratio, urban–rural r

Abstract:The urban and rural dual structure is a defining characteristic of the social and economic development process in China. With rapid urbanization, remarkable development of agriculture and rural modernization, the relationship between urban and rural areas is undergoing significant changes in China. Using macro data, we find that the relationship between urban and rural areas started to change in 2010. The transition has mainly been reflected in three dimensions: agriculture, rural areas and farmers. First, agricultural versatility has gradually increased, and the number of participants in……

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