The Impact of Farmland Transfers on Agricultural Investment in China:A Perspective of Transaction Cost Economics

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Affiliation of Author(s):中国社会科学院农村发展研究所

Teaching and Research Group:土地经济与人力资源研究室

Journal:China & World Economy

Key Words:agricultural investment, farmland rental market, governance structure, transaction cost economics

Abstract:There is growing concern that farmland transfers lead to less agricultural investment, which may adversely affect agricultural productivity growth in China. Prior research has primarily focused on the differences between owned cultivated land and rented plots, but little is known about how farmland transfers between relatives, which are popular in rural China, specifically affect agricultural investment. In this paper, we present a conceptual framework of transaction cost economics to compare different contracting strategies in China’s farmland rental markets. As farmland rental markets in……

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Discipline:Management Science

First-Level Discipline:Agricultural and Forestry Economy Management

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Date of Publication:2019-03-01

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